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Fourway Digital have been designing, building and hosting award winning websites since 2003. We have a number of high profile and high traffic websites.

Our designs have won awards, with Power FM Online winning awards for content and design. Power FM Online also is one of the biggest radio websites in Spain, with over 2 million sessions per month and 14,000 people listening online to the station through the Fourway Media designed website.

We have built websites for some of the biggest radio groups in the UK, and a number of high profile clients, but we don't forget anyone, and also have a number of individuals and small business sites in our portfolio.

Aswell as web design, hosting and e-mail support, we have access to audio and video streaming and production to offer a truly multimedia experience.

We aim to offer top quality at a fair and competitive price. Have a look at some of the work we have carried out on our portfolio.

If you would like to find out more about what we can do for you, please CLICK HERE TO E-MAIL US.

The Fourway Difference

When you buy a website from Fourway Media we believe that it should be a fair, and worthwhile investment. So we have one rule, if it costs us nothing, it seems unfair to charge you for it.

As an integrated media business, we also understand that there is more to the web than just web-pages. We can offer a tailor made multi-media solution for your business, from podcasting, through to production of "webisodes" or videos for your site. We have a full graphic design service, for creation of brochures and work related stationary such as business cards.

Full site statistics.

You’ll receive a comprehensive and detailed statistics package as standard. Using our statistics, you can see how many visitors your site is getting either in monthly, daily, or hourly figures, where they're coming from and even which search terms they've used to find you!

All our sites are also set up with Google Analytics, to offer you more than one source of data, to ensure you get the best results.

Dedicated hosting

We have been using Netcetera servers for over a decade, working with hosting company Easyweb Communications. They are specialists in hosting.

Our multimedia servers are designed to host audio and video, utilising one of the fastest data networks in the UK. For more details, please contact us.

Template free since 2003

Template Free since 2003When you pay for a website, you expect a site that is unique.

That's why Fourway Digital has produced only bespoke websites for our clients.

We refuse to use templates, because every business or individual is unique, and your website should be the same.

We have followed this rule since we started building websites, and it is something we are proud of.


eXpat Chart

The eXpat Chart
Fourway Digital produced the website for this radio programme broadcast across Europe and the Middle East. It contains a full Content Management System and audio delivery system, based on our own FONIC 2.0 audio delivery technology. The brief was to ensure the site had a strong brand presence, with ease of use.


eXpat Chart

YT93 - Yew Tree Performing Arts Academy
Yew Tree theatre school has been operating in Kent for 18 years. It's website was doing what most 18 year olds do, and lounge around and not do much. Through their marketing agency, they decided to do what 18 year olds do best! Get involved in social media, and in turn encourage more traffic to their website. They have a fully integrated site, which feeds their Facebook and Twitter pages automatically.

They wanted a site that was vibrant, and exciting to visit, whilst being easy to navigate.


eXpat Chart

Martin Transports
Fourway Digital was tasked with refeshing this global shipping companys website, to bring it up to date and to provide clear and concise data for what can be a daunting job.


Air Fleet

Air Fleet Management Limited
Fourway brought a redundant design to life, as well as to standards. Launched at the end of 2009, this relaunch has raised site traffic to Air Fleet Management Limited.

If you have some spare cash, and hate the drive to work, we reccomend them, they may have what you are after.



Sportsliner Airways
Fourway Digital was asked to develop a new site for VIP bespoke Air Company Sportsliner. The site is currently in development, with launch anticipated late 2010, early 2011.

We also are involved in the external design of their fleet of Boeing 737-500 aircraft.


Pink Poison

Pink Poison
Fourway Digital was asked to develop this established promotions agency. We implemented a new design, with various different technologies, including PHP and Flash.


Power FM Group
Fourway Media produced an award winning website. With over 2 million visitors per month. Its the biggest English Language Media company website in Spain, with a network of radio stations. This tied in with our Radio Production and also Marketing for Power FM.


Ramsgate Courtyard Development Company
The Ramsgate Courtyard Development Company is the management company for a prestigious development in Ramsgate. It provides residents, estate management and outside companys a portal for communication, and also features a forum for residents.


Star 107.5 FM
Fourway Media produced the new look Star 107.5 website. Online since November 2005, this site is seeing increased visitor numbers. Content, ease of use and accessability were the main features of the site.


Star 107.9 FM
Fourway Media produced the new look Star 107.9 website. Online since November 2005, this site is seeing increased visitor numbers. Content, ease of use and accessability were the main features of the site.


Hannah Patterson
Fourway Media produced the website for the up and coming TV and Radio presenter Hannah Patterson.


Jobs In The Canaries
Fourway Media produced the website for one of the now major employment resources for the Canary Islands. The design brief said simple, clean and modern. And that's what we did.


Partido Popular
Fourway Media designed the website for Partido Popular's English campaign for Oliver Socas, for the election for Mayor of Santiago Del Teide. Partido Popular is one of the major political parties in Spain.


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